Service Innovation: facilitated by STBY

STBY enjoyed running a successful workshop last month at PICNIC’s mash-up event in Amsterdam. The workshop focused on some of the Design Research processes we employed during the project we designed for Southern Water, and involved the participants in a a hands-on interviewing exercise during which they played the role of customers of the water company.

This role-play was followed up by an exploration of the various multimedia techniques we use to capture and record behavioural insights. Finally, we discussed the most effective strategies for communicating such insights within an organisation, again looking at home different techniques and methodologies can be used to make materials playful, engaging, empathic and incisive.


The workshop was a great opportunity to share a bit more about the work we do here at STBY. We run these workshops fairly regularly, and as always the best way to get an early heads-up is to check out our Twitter Stream.


Thanks for everyone who took part in our session at PICNIC, and hopefully we get to see a few more of you next time!