Join us for a PICNIC in Amsterdam



Summer might not have made an appearance yet, but that hasn’t stopped us planning a PICNIC for this May.

The PICNIC Innovation Mash Up will be a one-day, active learning event focused on “how”: how businesses in other sectors can successfully apply top innovation and creativity processes used by Dutch and international creative industry professionals to launch new products and services, connect with customers and grow. Featured processes include design thinking, scenario planning, crowdsourcing, service innovation and open design.

The event is led by creative industry experts, who’ll be coaching, collaborating and contributing valuable expertise, ideas and feedback. We’re delighted to be amongst this team, and will be sending along Geke, Bas and Maire to host the workshop on Service Innovation. We’ll be exploring how ‘Mashing up’ design, research and strategy development is typical for service innovation, and requires a team that combines people from these different backgrounds. Conducting and using ethnographic research together in a co-creative way can be the glue that makes this mix coherent – and this is something we’ll be exploring in detail on the day.

PICNIC events are always great fun, and it’s a fantastic networking opportunity too, with people from Adidas, Vodafone, IDEO and many, many others already confirmed as attendees. Registration is open now at the PICNIC website – hopefully we’ll see you there!

You can see now some pictures of the actual picnic, which was held inside actually, courtesy of the weather.