Design Documentaries at UXHK

A lively crowd of UX professionals came together in Hong Kong to share their latest activities and knowledge on User Experience Design and Research. Geke and Bas were invited by the organisers from Apogee to each present a talk during the first plenary conference days, and to run two workshops on the next day.

Bas’ talk was on ‘Design Research: Thinking through making’, and the subsequent workshop was on ‘Design Documentaries: Visual storytelling’. The group of 55 participants who signed up worked really hard, and with a lot of enthousiasm ,on developing their own design documentary. By the end of the 4 hour workshop we had a fantastic line up of presentations with video clips, new insights and useful additions to the wall with golden rules of design documentaries.

Below some pictures to give an impression of the workshop. On the Publications page of this website you can find a selection of the slides for the talk and the workshop available for download (we have removed some of the examples from client projects as they are not free for distribution).