REACH talk at UCL

Invited by Stefana Broadbent from the Antropology Department at UCL, STBY gave a talk together with our REACH partners Apogee and Quicksand.

As we were all in London for a joint workshop with one of our clients, this was an excellent opportunity to present together at the weekly seminar on Digital Antropology for international master students. We first introduced our network for Global Design Research, and then elaborated on some of the projects we have worked on in the past months.

The group of students was very mixed, both in terms of nationality and professional background. Most of them being mature students, some had worked for large international companies and others for consultancies. The discussion after the seminar was very engaged and interesting. It was really nice that after the seminar many people stayed on for a drink and then invited us for a shared meal in one of the nearby restaurant. A great way to continue the conversation.