Collaboration with Network Partners

In the spirit of a true network company, we are open for collaborations with parties offering additional expertises to ours, and working in a similar agile but highly professional approach.

One of the parties we really enjoy working with in The Netherlands is LBi Lost Boys. Following up on the successful and pleasant collaboration for the development of the national innovation programme ‘Creatie van Waarde’, and the support for the new Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership THNK, we are currently teaming up more proactively for various clients.

The synergy between our Design Research expertise and Lost Boys’ creative and strategy teams is high. This really shows the added value we can create together for our clients.

At the Creative Company Conference in Haarlem on 7 June, Ruurd Priester, Strategy Director of LBi Lost Boys, announced our collaboration as one of their strategic partnerships.  In this day and age of networked collaboration we feel that we are learly not just doing the talk, but also walking the walk.