Be part of our latest project!

STBY are starting a new project looking at how people use smartphones, and we’re looking for a whole range of different people to take part. Whether your young, old, a heavy or a light user, we want you to tell us how you use your smartphone. The project will involve a short video interview conducted somewhere that you commonly use your phone, and also one or two quick tasks that we’ll ask you to complete at home.
If you’re interested in taking part, then drop Luke a line at with the following details:

Your name (you’d be surprised how many people fall at this hurdle)
– Your age
– Your job
– Your current phone
– The three most common things you use it for (gaming? Facebook? waking you up in the morning? Try and be specific if you can…)

And that’s it! If selected for the project, we’ll be able to compensate you with £75 for your time. If this one’s not for you meanwhile, then please feel free to forward this link on to anybody you think would be interested.