STBY Sponsors the Global Service Jam

There’s less than a week to go before this years Global Service Jam gets underway. The jam brings together an incredibly wide range of people interested in service and customer experience; designers, students, academics and professionals from a huge variety of industries will all come together to design and prototype new services inspired by a shared theme.

The jam is conducted over 48 hours, and in a number of exciting locations across the globe – including London. We didn’t feel like we could just sit idly by whilst such a great event was taking place right on our doorstep, which is why we’ve decided to not only sponsor the London leg of the event, but send along Geke and Bas as mentors for the event too.

Tickets have unfortunately long since sold out, but we’re told it is possible to join a waiting list if you’re interested in being notified of any last-minute availability. Just head over to the London Service Jam Website and sign-up with your details.

And if you already have your tickets, then we’ll see you on Friday!