Exploring creative leadership for THNK

To support the development of THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, we have been engaged during the past few weeks in exploring the most crucial dilemmas in the marketing, educational programme and online ecosystem – all issues the development team of THNK will have to deal with. As the new programme expects to attract people from all over the world, STBY immersed themselves in a series of remote interviews with people fitting the profile of (upcoming) creative leaders. And what a joy this was. The conversations were full-on, opinionated and visionary – whilst still remaining curious and open-minded at the same time.

To provide for informative as well as inspiring research outputs, we worked with a probe package (sent out to the participants in advance of the interviews) and with a large scale insight map annotating the stages of the decision making process from the perspectives of the various target audiences involved.

A broad range of useful insights have been derived from this first exploratory study – later in the development process more in-depth studies focusing on specific aspects may follow. The collaboration between the various parties involved has also been quite special. In the true spirit of iterative co-creation we regularly got together in workshops, where we exchanged our concurrent insights, ideas and early concepts. Apart from THNK and STBY, Lava is working on the brand identity and visual style, with LBi Lost Boys developing the next release of the online platform. All very experienced and knowledgable experts in their fields, and all a real pleasure to work with.