The first comprehensive overview of our field

“This is Service Design Thinking”, a book STBY recently collaborated on with Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider, has now been released. The book is intended to be the first comprehensive overview of the service design field. Designed to be a useful resource for teachers, students, and anyone else who wants to try applying service design principles to their own work, it explains in detail how the field has developed – and how it’s still growing.

STBY made two substantial contributions to the book. For the first, we were asked to edit the section detailing the kind of methodological tools service designers use. When putting this together, we tried to keep the emphasis on these tools being something practical that people can use themselves. Our idea was that we were presenting a ‘toolbox’ that people could turn to when looking for inspiration for their own projects.

We also contributed a chapter on design ethnography, which is one of the key foundations of our own work. In the chapter we were able to expand a little more on some of the thinking behind this approach, and how it enables us to translate experiences from everyday life into inspiring and engaging research materials.

Overall, we’re extremely pleased with how the book turned out. It’s available now, and by visiting the publisher’s website ( and entering the code ’11TDS36′, you can obtain a 20% discount on the cover price. And if you do order a copy, don’t forget to drop us a line and let us know what you think!