Exploring new service ventures

STBY recently worked on a series of projects focused upon a range of new services ventures currently in development for the consumer market. These were all new concepts being developed by a major multinational company, and in order to feed the process of further shaping these ventures, our client wanted to touch base with the daily lives of consumers who fit the target markets of their services.

In a series of in-depth interviews STBY investigated relevant practices and motivations of people at home and at work, both in The Netherlands and the UK. The insights resulting from these interviews were expressed via visual maps and outlines of personas. The maps pointed out the main dilemmas to address in the further development of the services, as well as the main opportunities and barriers. The persona outlines meanwhile provided the basis for the development of marketing strategies that would target what we had identified as the most viable market segments for the ventures.

The results of one of the projects were subsequently used as input for a quantitative validation, which was achieved via the design and hosting of an online survey. This helped to support the assumptions made, whilst also providing an additional layer of insights into the target market and potential new service opportunities.

Since the ventures have not been launched on the market yet, we can unfortunately not name either the clients, nor the area of interest for the new services being developed. What we can expand upon however is the process of using quantitative methods to validate and expand upon qualitative insights – a technique you can read about on our services page.