New Service Design Book – With a Pre-Order Discount

STBY recently contributed a chapter to a brand new book on service design: This is Service Design Thinking. In the spirit of service design, the book is a truly collaborative effort – 23 international authours came together to try and describe and illustrate this rapidly emerging field. 3 of these authours were from STBY; Bas, Geke and Luke put together a ‘toolbox’ chapter, describing when, how, and why you should use 25 of the most popular tools being used by service designers in the field today. In addition, Geke’s chapter on ethnography is one of 5 such chapters that examine how the various fields involved in service design come together.

In addition to this the book also contains a general introduction to the field based around 5 general principles, a step-by-step description of the typical process involved in a service design project, and a series of case studies examining success stories from out in the field.

The book’s a great introduction to the field for beginners and students alike, and is set to be release this December. Pre-order now and you can receive a discount of 30% on the sale price of 45 Euros. Simply enter the code 10SD3011 when ordering from the publishers homepage.

And don’t forget to tell us what you think of the chapter!

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