Bringing cross-cultural research to Cisco with Reach

STBY’s latest project involved working with partners from the Reach Network to compile a report detailing the benefits a cross-cultural research programme could bring to Cisco. Though aware of cross-cultural research in a general sense, Cisco wanted to know the specific business advantages designing for cultural differences could potentially bring. They asked STBY therefore to work with the Reach reports in compiling a report that would detail exactly what they stood to gain, as well as serving as a general introduction to how cultural differences can influence seemingly ‘universal’ products.

This report consisted of a number of compelling case studies that detailed the problems and opportunities encountered by companies already conducting cross-cultural research. Each of these were in turn related to a specific area of Cisco’s business operations. It drew on the personal experience of several Reach partners, providing in-depth analysis of programs undertaken by HP, Philips, General Electric, and Nokia, in territories from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

By liaising with members of Cisco’s User Experience Team in San Francisco, STBY were able to tailor the report around their needs. This meant that their final submission was not just a compelling presentation, but also a standalone document that could be circulated internally, allowing the case for cross-cultural research to be made to almost anyone working at Cisco.

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