STBY at the 2010 Service Design Conference, Berlin

STBY are heading to Germany this October for the annual conference of the Service Design Network. The conference brings together service companies, public services, universities and Service Design agencies from right across the world. This year’s festival will be held in Berlin on the 13th and 14th of October.

Aimed at people both applying service design principles in the innovation of services, as well as those wanting to learn more about the field, the conference will involve presentations by a number of international experts. One of these will be STBY’s own Geke van Dijk. In collaboration with Marianne Guldbrandsen from the UK Design Council, as well as long-term STBY associates Radarstation and IDEO, Geke will be delivering a keynote speech at the event: “No interdisciplinarity without disciplines”.

Fellow STBY co-founder Bas Raijmakers will also be at the conference, running a workshop on the ‘design documentaries’ format he developed. This will be run in conjunction with a partner from the Reach network, Brazil’s Feel the Future.

The conference is a great way to learn more about how service design is being used ‘out in the wild’. If you happen to see Geke or Bas during the course of the 2 days, make sure you stop them to say hi!

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The Subspecies of Design Researcher

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Rigorous documentation: A research superpower

When research activities get going in earnest, a lot is produced. If treated too casually, the mass of audio files and transcripts, flip-overs and mini-posters full of post-its, photos, interview notes and feedback mails can quickly turn into a massive hairball that no-one can unpick.

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