STBY is able to bring the benefits of design research to a wide range of different sectors, as the service design toolset can be adapted to the demands of any environment. This flexibility comes from designing each project to suit the situation at hand; instead of uniformly imposing a rigid methodology, a unique approach tailored to fit each project’s needs is developed at the outset. Involving the client team, local experts, and potential users in this process means service design’s reach is extended to nearly every sector of society.

In the leisure and entertainment sector for example, incorporating users into service provision is of the utmost importance. Service design is well placed to facilitate this inclusion in a manner that ensures new service concepts develop in tandem with user’s needs.

STBY’s work also often takes us into the public sector. A range of public bodies from across Europe have commissioned studies from us looking at how services can be delivered to their stakeholders. Whether concerned with improving existing services or developing new opportunities, such work invariably involves bespoke ethnographic research aimed at visualising and understanding target markets.

We’ve worked extensively in the telecoms sector with our partners from the Reach network, looking at how multinational telecoms companies can incorporate local insights into global development streams. We’ve also worked in local markets ourselves, designing several projects within a wide variety of contexts.

Working in the education sector has allowed STBY to apply service design principles across a wide range of institutions, helping them connect with students and other stakeholders in new and creative ways.

STBY have a long history of working with youth groups, with these collaborations often resulting in some of the most innovative uses of the design research toolset.

Similarly, we have a great deal of experience in the care sector, having conducted a number of projects in the UK, the Netherlands, and internationally.

Finally, our work is increasingly taking us into the utilities sector. A growing number of utility companies are starting to examine there social impact, and as such there is a growing demand for research that illuminates the impact their services have on people’s everyday lives. STBY have delivered such insights in a number of ways across several projects.

You can read more about our work in all of these sectors by downloading a more detailed description here. Alternatively, you could as always just drop us a line at if you’re interested in learning more about the fields we’ve worked in.