Video installation at EPIC in Tokyo

Bas and Geke presented their latest video work in Tokyo, for the first time in the format of an installation. As part of the EPIC conference we showed four films that were made as part of the Belonging & Belongings research project STBY has set up with Daijiro Mizuno of Kyoto University of Art and Design. The films are about how people present themselves online and offline, create their identity on the street as well as in the virtual world. It builds on work we have done in Japan and the UK, observing people in the streets and at home, and conversations with them about their online presence and the things they wear and own.

The installation format is an attempt at opening up video ethnography to larger groups in companies where employees need to learn about the customers of that company. Having a small exhibition in one of the areas where employees spend time or pass regularly, such as an atrium or coffee corner might be a great way to introduce design research to a wider group of people. If you would like to have an installation like that in your own company, talk to us!