Telecom firms use films to match customer needs

STBY have worked with this firm on a series of projects enabling them to gradually align their research and development processes around principles of design research. The latest of these saw STBY prepare and facilitate a collaborative alignment workshop focused on the consumer solutions videos produced by STBY for the firm in early 2010. The purpose of the 3-day workshop was to help staff from various departments learn how the videos can be used to build empathy with consumers, and ‘road-test’ concepts and services currently in development.

In order to maximise the number of staff that could attend and benefit from the workshop it was held simultaneously across three locations: Helsinki, Copenhagen, and London. Video conferencing allowed the teams in each city to stay in contact and share insights, whilst STBY researchers acted as moderators in London and Helsinki in order to guide the participants through the pre-arranged programme for each day.

This project is indicative of the long-term partnerships STBY have been able to form with several clients. Each project conducted provides the foundation for further collaborations, with these gradually transitioning towards helping companies like this one conduct and reflect upon their own service design projects.