Presentation at ‘Creatie van Waarde’

On 28 June Bas Raijmakers presented two case studies of service innovation projects STBY worked on in the UK, to illustrate how creative thinking contributes to innovation and the creation of economic value. The occasion was a meeting with about 150 representatives of the Dutch creative industries who feel connected to the community ‘Creatie van Waarde’.

‘Creatie van Waarde’ (Creation of Value) is an initiative of the Dutch Creative Industries to develop a stronger joint vision on innovation and to be a more organised partner to other sectors, such as big industry, government and science. The initiative was prompted by a challenging call from the Ministery of Economic Affairs and the Ministery of Education, Culture & Science, stating that the creative industries in The Netherlands should be able to play a stronger role in innovation if they can manage to offer a more structured process and identity. This challenge has brought together many people from very diverse creative consultancies. In a series of meetings a joint document to answer to the call is currently being created.

STBY is one of the parties contributing to this programme and document. Based on our experience with service innovation projects and our knowledge of international methods and theories in this area, we have drafted the chapter that explains Creative Thinking and its added value to innovation.