Service Design En Espanol

Members of STBY’s core team have already had an extensive array of articles relating to service design published in both English and Dutch. This week saw a first however, with the publication of a Spanish language book featuring a chapter from STBY’s Creative Director, Bas Raijmakers.

Bas’ chapter is based on a recent project conducted by STBY which looked at the provision of care services for elderly people. Specifically, Bas addresses the question of how service design can help care organisations adapt their approaches to cope with an ageing population; STBY recently worked with Zuidzorg in the Netherlands to explore the barriers that currently prevent people from accessing care services remotely, as this is one way in which high quality care and support can be provided for large numbers of people.

Publishing articles such as this are one way in which STBY are contributing to the ongoing development of service design theory. Reflecting on what makes each project the company conduct’s a success opens up the nuances of service design methodology to peer review. As the body of literature accompanying the field continues to grow, so does practice in the field become increasingly refined.

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