STBY in Touchpoint

STBY’s Strategy Director Geke Van Dijk has contributed an article to issue 4 of Touchpoint, the international  journal of service design. The issue focuses on links between service design and behavioural change, with a series of articles highlighting how design can function as a tool to influence the behaviour of consumers, employers, and employees.

Geke’s article is a case study of the Charging Up project recently conducted by STBY in conjunction with the Reach network. As this project looked in detail at the motivations and drivers of consumers’ everyday energy usage, it serves as a useful examination of how service design techniques could potentially help influence consumer behaviour.

In the article, Geke explains how one of the main challenges in the study was identifying the trigger point at which consumers began to reconsider their daily routines in regards to energy usage. She also explains how conducting the project in collaboration with the Reach partners provided a comprehensive, truly global account of how energy usage is viewed in different regions.

Issue 4 of Touchpoint is available for purchase through the Service Design Network here.