Personal storytelling with video

STBY recently produced a series of films for a major telecoms firm, documenting the ‘solutions’ people improvise to a range of situations in their everyday lives. These films are to be used in the firm’s internal ideation and design processes, where they allow various departments to connect with the lives of consumers.

The personal stories captured by the videos provide a strong emotional link to the individuals involved. They show the hopes, dreams, and fears of a diverse range of people, and in particular focus on the routines and objects that allow them to ‘connect‘ – in both a social sense to their friends and family, but also in a cultural sense to their environment and surroundings. By displaying the solutions that people themselves have developed, STBY were able to provide insights into how the company could effectively tailor services around the aspirations of their consumers.

The films also provide an evidential basis for new concepts, by displaying how these would work in the lives of the people they are being developed for. This foundation represents a common ‘language‘ in which different development teams at the company can communicate with each other;  developing services in the language of everyday life is one way in which the consumers can be kept at the heart of design processes.