User-Centered Design across development stages

For the University of Amsterdam STBY facilitated a series of workshops with students, lecturers and system operators to inform the iterative development of its new Electronic Learning System (ELO).

The Information Centre of the university, who are developing the ELO based on Blackboard software, wanted to have in-depth conversations with their wide range user groups throughout the development process of the new ELO. STBY prepared a series of 3 workshops were the participants explored and discussed the various options and iterative prototypes for the new ELO.

To keep everyone active and focused, the programmes for the sessions were based on a fast paced cycle of group assignments, plenary discussions and individual feedback. The participants had access to the ELO in progress, so they could follow the development in various stages.

Over the course of 6 months 3 workshops took place. The timing of the workshops also helped the development team to stay on their toes and make sure they had something new to show the participants for every session. Both sides were eager to reflect on the progress and discuss further improvements.