Service Experience Lab on mobile internet

Together with the Creation Centre of T-Labs (part of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin) STBY organised and facilitated a Service Experience Lab in London. In a full day programme product managers from T-Mobile’s British and German teams interacted with a group of consumers and discussed ideas for the next step in mobile internet services.

The participants had all been asked to do some home work in the form of a diary assignment in advance of the workshop. This material was used to trigger the discussions on the concepts and ideas. Through group assignments and plenary discussions a wide range of aspects were explored and further elaborated.

The day after the Service Experience Lab all the documented materials were analysed by STBY and the client team. This is an excellent way to continue and further refine discussions that started during the research session. In the following days STBY completed a full report on the process and results of the Service Experience Lab.

This project built upon the insights developed in a previous project STBY conducted for T-Mobile, which you can read about in-depth by clicking here. You can also find out more by speaking to the Project Manager, Geke, at