Design for Patient Dignity results

The UK Department of Health and the Design Council presented the results of the Design for Patient Dignity programme that STBY did design research for in the Summer of 2009. For instance, STBY made an 8 minute film about the current use of gowns in a London hospital. In the film nurses demonstrate the problems they come across, ranging from tripping hazard when on the commode, to exposed patient backs when walking along the ward corridor, also in mixed sex wards. Patients talk in the film about how they experience wearing their gowns, watching other people in their gowns and the tell about the solutions they found themselves to exposure problems, such as wearing the gown backwards.The project is gaining news attention, for instance BBC’s health reporter Anna-Marie Lever talks to fashion designer Ben de Lisi about his new design for the hospital gown.

Universal Gown from Design Council on Vimeo.

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