Luke Kelly

Luke is busy writing his PhD thesis at Birkbeck University in London looking at ‘Narrative Convergence between Literature and Video Games’. When not totally immersed in his writings, Luke joins us on various project work. Luke was the research assistant in STBY’s London office and a core member of our research team from 2010 till 2012.

Luke originally came to STBY as an intern in the Amsterdam office. For his internship project, he helped produce a magazine that detailed the company’s work and philosophy. Joining the London office full-time in May 2010, Luke helped Geke and Bas produce the ‘Tools’ chapter for ‘This is Service Design Thinking’, a comprehensive introduction to the field published in 2010.

Luke holds a BA in Political Studies from the University of Leeds, an MA in Politics and the Mass Media from the University of Liverpool, and both of his arms above his head whenever frightened or alarmed. Prior to working at STBY, he served as the press and research officer for a UK politician, and spent a year in China lecturing in International Relations at Xian-Jiaotong Liverpool University.