Reach: Global Design Research Network

Reach is a network of highly skilled and experienced companies around the world with a deep expertise in design research. Our experience in both design and customer research enables us to seamlessly integrate our research activities in design and innovation processes. Working closely together, we offer our clients design-led customer research on a global scale.

The work of Reach informs and inspires design and innovation processes by creating rich insights about customers. We use these insights to generate new ideas for products and services. Understanding customers’ needs and dreams, and how they are using products and services provides a crucial starting point for innovation.

See the Reach website for more information on our how we work and who we are:

Each partner in the network brings years of experience in research and consulting for large corporate clients. Our backgrounds include computer science, engineering, cultural studies, social science, interaction design, industrial design and product design. Since 2008 we have collaborated together in various settings. STBY is a founding partner of this network.

Looking for an internship at STBY?

STBY have recently hosted interns at both our UK and Amsterdam offices. Though we don’t run a formal internship programme, we’re always interested in hearing from bright, enthusiastic, current students who want to learn more about design research and service design. This usually takes between 4-6 months, as we like our interns to be involved in all aspects of what we do; once you’re comfortable with the basics, we’ll ask you to contribute to one of our ongoing projects.

If you’d like to know more then send some examples of your work along with a short introduction to, and let us know whether you’re interested in interning in Amsterdam or in London. Ideally you should have some background experience in both design and research, but if you think you could contribute in another way then let us know how.

World class pioneers and creative thinkers

As one of the first companies to focus on projects around the principles of design research and service design, STBY have been intimately involved with the ongoing development of these fields of work as early as 2003. We’ve written papers, magazine and book chapters, founded collaborative and information-sharing networks, and given talks at national and international conferences all across the world. This involvement with design research and service design’s continued evolution keeps us at the forefront of the field, as through our work we’re helping to define it.

Pioneers in the service design community

Founded in 2003, STBY was one of the first agencies to conduct design research projects based on the service design philosophy. Our involvement with the user-centered design community dates back even earlier, as our founders have been active in this field since its gradual emergence at the end of the last century. 

Service design isn’t ‘owned’ by any one individual or company; it’s an approach that’s founded on the notion of sharing information and developing approaches collaboratively. The projects that STBY conduct are based around this multi-disciplinary field that we’re helping to co-define. We’re constantly adapting new theories and techniques into our fieldwork, and providing feedback as to what works and what doesn’t via publications and conference presentations.

World class connectors

Collaboration and knowledge sharing is the principle underpinning the Service Design Network Netherlands, which STBY initiated and co-founded in 2008. The network allows companies, students, and individuals interested in service design to connect with each other, share ideas, and help define and refine the processes and tools which the approach employs. We’re also long-standing members of the international Service Design Network. We’re regular contributors to their quarterly magazine, Touchpoint, and we’ve given keynote presentations at conferences in various countries. Through our global design research network REACH we have been engaged in presentations on for service providers as far abroad as Japan and Brazil.

To be at the forefront of service design, we feel that it’s essential to be active members of the community that surrounds it. This means we don’t just apply service design principles – we also help develop and refine them, and thus have an intimate understanding of this rapidly developing field.

Looking to the future: helping companies adopt the service design philosophy

As we work towards our first decade of experience in designing and conducting service design projects, we’re beginning to build up long-term relationships with several companies attempting to re-orientate their research programs around service design principles. With several years of experience in running collaborative workshops with companies eager to learn more about how to use the evocative and engaging research materials we produce, we’re ideally placed to assist those organisations looking to implement their own service design programs.

Join our participant network

When we kick off a new research project, one of the first things we do is search for participants. We look for people in all shapes and forms and a variety of interests. The area of interest in a study can range from mobile Internet users to extremely healthy and active people, or people who care about their water usage. Each research has a charm of its own.

If your interested in sharing your idea’s, motivations, activities and being part of a service design research, we invite you to join our participant network and get updated with our latest searches. You will be invited to participate in a research if you fit the profile and you can then choose to register or not. Depending on the client, for most researches you will receive a financial gift.

Our main goal is to find the right people for the research. So what ever your profile, you are always welcome in the network as long as you live in the UK or the Netherlands.  The main quality you need is to be you. To join the network sent an email to with your:

Date of birth:
Email address:
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City you live in:
City you work in:

Also, if you know anyone else who maybe interested in getting involved, please feel free to send this on to them.

For more information contact:

Email for both UK and the Netherlands, providing the details above

If you would like to know more first,
phone London 0207 392 89 96 and ask for Sam Miller
phone Amsterdam 020 620 4040 and ask for Marie de Vos