Design for society

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, The Waag Society in Amsterdam organised a ‘Socratic Conversation on Design for Society on 15 December. Bas was one of the guest speakers invited to take part in this conversation. The other speakers were Marleen Stikker and Caroline Nevejan, the two founders of Waag Society, and also Gerard van Oortmerssen, Robert Zwijnberg en Karin Spaink. Topics that were discussed were: what is the specific role of design in relation to science, politics and technology; And how to ensure the trust needed for reciprocity and tranparancy?

waagThroughout the day and the evening there were also presentations and demonstrations of interactive games developed by the Waag Society.

In the past 15 years the Waag Society has lead and contributed to an impressive series of projects. See their website and blog for detailed information.