Never a dull moment…

Dynamic as ever, STBY has moved to a new office in Amsterdam. Although we really liked the previous studio we shared with Spunk, it was time to move on and change locations. Our new studio is in the Duintjer CS building in the Vijzelstraat. A vibrant hub for the local creative industry. The building hosts about 75 companies, ranging from design studios and film production companies to architects and add agencies.

Our new address is:

Studio 217, Duintjer CS building, Vijzelstraat 72, 1017 HL Amsterdam

(Our landline telephone number has remained the same: +31 20 2604040)

Below a picture of the building (copied from – thanks), facing the side where our new studio is. We have a magnificent view on Prinsengracht and Vijzelgracht. We’re based on the second floor.


And this is a map to show you the location of the building in Amsterdam:


The best way to reach us is by public transport. From the Amsterdam Central Station it is a five minute ride with tram 16, 24 or 25. Get out at the ‘Keizersgracht’- tram stop. The entrance to building is then a short walk of about 100 meters continuing in the same direction as the tram you have just left.

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