Keynote presentation at

Geke van Dijk gave a keynote speech at the conference on 11 June in Leiden. The title was ‘Change: moving on the the next level’. The talk was an appeal to pioneers in the HCI field in The Netherlands to get more involved in Service Design.

The slides used for the presentation are available on this website. See ‘Publications’ STBY.

The presentation has been recorded on video and can be viewed on Vimeo, together with a short interview by Onno Kubbe.

This is the abstract, as published on the keynote page at conference website:

The HCI community has always been quite successful in adapting to the constantly changing technological opportunities, human needs and trends in society. By discussing our work amongst colleagues we have incrementally improved our methods and techniques, but apart from that it is important to respond adequately to changing practices and thinking in other fields. At the moment there seems to be a big opportunity and urgency for HCI experts to contribute to the development of the relatively new field of service design. We should not let that opportunity go to waste. This talk is an appeal to the pioneers in the community to get involved in this new area. A lot of the thinking and practices of HCI naturally fit in, and may even lead the way for some of the other disciplines involved.


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