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When we kick off a new research project, one of the first things we do is search for participants. We look for people in all shapes and forms and a variety of interests. The area of interest in a study can range from mobile Internet users to extremely healthy and active people, or people who care about their water usage. Each research has a charm of its own.

If your interested in sharing your idea’s, motivations, activities and being part of a service design research, we invite you to join our participant network and get updated with our latest searches. You will be invited to participate in a research if you fit the profile and you can then choose to register or not. Depending on the client, for most researches you will receive a financial gift.

Our main goal is to find the right people for the research. So what ever your profile, you are always welcome in the network as long as you live in the UK or the Netherlands.  The main quality you need is to be you. To join the network sent an email to with your:

Date of birth:
Email address:
Telephone number:
City you live in:
City you work in:

Also, if you know anyone else who maybe interested in getting involved, please feel free to send this on to them.

For more information contact:

Email for both UK and the Netherlands, providing the details above

If you would like to know more first,
phone London 0207 392 89 96 and ask for Sam Miller
phone Amsterdam 020 620 4040 and ask for Marie de Vos