Global Design Research network

As part of the global design research network Reach we are conducting two international researches:

Charging up around the world

Together with all Reach partners we participate in a global study on how people use electricity and think about energy use, with a focus on charging mobile devices. This study is titled ‘Charging Up’ and is currently taking place in 8 countries. As the study is ongoing, it will include more countries later on. Extensive field work has been done through home visits in all participating countries. We are now in the process of collaboratively creating the insights. Opportunities and ideas for several industries will be the final result. One of the industry partners in this research is EDF. More information about Charging Up can be found on the website of Reach:

Exploring mobile internet concepts

For T-Mobile STBY and Spur have investigated how people organise their social life, and the role of their mobile phone in this context. We have done fieldwork in Berlin and Tokyo, and worked closely together with a T-Mobile team in setting up the research and organizing workshops create insights and ideas. If you want to know more about this research you can look at