Students’ perspective on new university portal

The University of Amsterdam is developing a new online portal for its services to students. This portal offers access to all information related to the courses students are involved in (e.g. assignments, online work space, marks) and the general services of the university (e.g. library, news, email). The existing portal will be replaced by a new and customised system that better integrates the various information sources and offers more flexibility in use.

Thoughout the development of the new portal there are many aspects that benefit from empathic conversations with students about their needs and preferences. The University of Amsterdam asked STBY to facilitate these conversations.


In a series of meetings over the course of a few months we prepared and moderated interactive sessions where students from various departments responded to the concepts an ideas for the new portal. Based on their current use of the existing portal these students are well informed on what works best for them, and what not. On top of that most of them have extensive experience with relevant other online services. Being highly opinionated and committed users of the internet, they were keen to express the things they love, hate, miss or can do without. The feedback sessions led to abundant food for thought for the project staff, which is exactly what they wished for!