“We have to disconnect the line now” (touchpoint of the month – Feb)

We ordered recently a new router from BT for our London studio. This all arrived on the time promised and was not too hard to install in the end. But things took a stranger turn later, when BT started to check if we had managed well. Some day early February I got a call that went something like this: “Hello, this is BT. We cannot talk to you now unfortunately. We have to disconnect the line now, goodbye.” Yes, you read this well, BT rang me, I did not ring them, to give me this odd message. Why ring someone to tell them you cannot talk to them?

Later I did speak to a person from BT about this. He rang me to check up on the router. He told me message I got is known to BT and occurs because the computer decides when to call customers they need to check up on. However, it happens sometime that the computer calls and then there is no one to take the call in the call centre. At such moments that strange message kicks in. I think BT could work a bit more on the text of that message. It scared me actually, almost sounded like a stalker!