Heartlands storytelling workshop

We recently organised our last co-creative workshop for Heartlands, the regeneration project around an old tin mine in Pool, Cornwall. This time we had three aims. First we wanted to collect some stories that could be relevant to Heartlands, to inspire the architects, designers and artists that are involved in creating Heartlands. Second we wanted to explore with storytellers and architects, designers and artists together how Cornish stories could become an integral part of Heartlands, in the built environment and artworks but also the virtual presence of Heartlands, and how this could evolve over time. Finally, as with all our workshops we wanted to create connections between local creatives and others, and the design team.

Recording stories with Marc Kazmareck, ex-miner

We spent a full day at Cornwall College Library recording stories and working with stories. The result is a series of audio and video recordings that are now on a blog and podcast for the design team and all people involved. The recordings include many stories and also a wide range of ideas to built on in the future.

Our work at Heartlands has come to an end for now, after a full year of design research and workshops (12 activities all together). The site is starting to change from now on, as the builders have moved in. Opening is planned for Spring 2010. Early 2009 a new Heartlands website will be lounged where progress can be followed.

You can download a more detailed description of STBY’s contribution to the Heartlands project by clicking here. Alternatively, get in contact with Bas, the Project Manager, by emailing bas@stby.eu.

Building works at Heartlands have started