Service Design Lab at PICNIC08


STBY initiated the first activity of Service Design Netwerk Nederland during PICNIC08, the international crossmedia conference in Amsterdam, and now also New York. We launched our Dutch service design network with a workshop about local government services in the neighbourhood of Westerpark, where the conference took place. It was a great event with many people involved, people creating and using the services from Westerpark and about 30 designers who explored opportunities to improve and innovate these services. We first heard stories from heard citizens which we used to make ‘citizen journeys’ through municipal services land, with a focus on healthcare at home and more general social support. Then we looked at opportunities for a bigger role for self-support and social cohesion. What we found was that if you need only a little help you still need to follow the complete procedure determined by the municipal service. More bespoke service offerings would allow for dipping in and out of these procedures. We developed a few ideas to achieve this, in one morning together with a lot of creative minds together. This provided great inspiration for Stadsdeel Westerpark to rethink their services.