Global Design Research Network

As many clients have asked us for research that covers local situations in many different countries, we thought that it would be good to formalize our network of design researchers around the world. Over the years we’ve built up an extensive network of people who work as as design researchers in different places around the world. We always have a great time exchanging knowledge and experiences, and sometimes we help each other out as partners in international researches. So why not make this existing network more visible and accessible for our clients? It seemed the natural thing to do.

The members of the Global Design Research Network are all highly skilled and experienced design researchers. They are all familiar with both creative processes and ethnographic research. So far we have members in the following countries: Brazil, United States, Japan, India, Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands. Other areas that will soon be included as well are China, Russia, Australia, and Africa (we know, the last is not a country, but a continent, sorry!)

We are currently setting up an online platform where we can safely share materials between us. And also an online presence to communicate our network to anyone who is interested. This site will have links to all the members so you can easily find out about our portfolios.