We have initiated a research joint venture with Spunk. This group of Dutch young, dynamic and highly opinionated people (16-19 years old) is never afraid to tackle any subject head on from their own perspective, even if it counters the public opinion. This is what makes their online magazine and video journals so excellent (www.spunk.nl). However, when they are asked to adress a topic from the perspective of other youngsters (e.g. different age groups or different educational levels), they need to do proper research and not just extrapolate their own personal opinions. This is why STBY has teamed up with them. Together we offer qualitative in-depth research among all types of young people throughout The Netherlands. In the past few months we have collaborated on research projects investigating obesity among 14-year olds in vocational education, the influence of media on the sexsual identity of 15-year old girls, and the multi-channel usages of first-year students. (NL, 2008)