STBY at the London Design Festival 2007

100pdesignforumIn one of the forums at 100% Design at Earls Court, London, we presented the Designing Across Boundaries project that we did with designers from Sao Paulo and London, and students from the Villiers Highschool in Southall. The film we made about the project is shown at the exhibition in the stand of the initiator of the project, Paula Dib. She is International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 and shows her work with communities in Brazil, making use of local waste materials and the crafts these communities have. The same idea was the starting point for a 60 hour design challenge at Villiers Highschool. The design teams involved in the challenge used video as a way to do research, coached by STBY. Their filmed research features in the film we made. It can be viewed on