We love Peter M.


If you have never seen Peter Marigold’s work yet, you should check out¬†his website¬†before you read any further. The¬†furniture he makes is difficult to describe. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean. He makes beautiful pieces of shelving and other storage items. They all have strong characters, without being particularly loud. They are delicate, quirky and very lovable at the same time. And, they are made be used in real life.



Peter_hofice2We know Peter from the Royal College of Art, where he graduated as a product designer in 2006. Earlier this year we have asked him to design the furniture for our new Hoffice (Home-Office) in Amsterdam. He has not disappointed us. We love his work!


Since then he has gone on to design other fabulous work, such as a shop interior for Paul Smiths in Milan, and a series of beautiful shelves that has just been exhibited in London Design Week 2007. Check out this Wallpaper article about Peter’s work.