Streetlab Amsterdam

Streetlab1 A really nice and fresh event in Amsterdam last July was Streetlab. Organised by Cultuurfabriek and Premsela Foundation, Streetlab managed to get a large group of street-based designers together to show their work at the Westergasfabriek. The Young Designers Lab presented vast exhibition of experimental art and fashion, culminating in a sparkling catwalk show. Many designers chose to ask their pals from the streets to participate as models. Amazing to see how a fashion show can be combined with a demonstration of cool breakdancing moves. Kate Moss eat your heart out!


Streetlab2 It was great to see that some of the young designers have already introduced their work on the market through independent outlets in Amsterdam. They seemed to have a very active and enterpreneurial attitude to their work. One of the  successful young Danish fashion labels appeared to be set up and run by a 17 year old. It was lovely to see how the grandmaster of street style theory, Ted Polhemus, paid him a lot of respect during his workshop.

Apart from fashion shows and workshops, Streetlab also offered a range of films, performances, live street art sessions, photo and sneaker exhibitions and of course parties. Don’t miss the next Street lab festival!

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