Disappearing interaction

After the disappearing computer (integrated in objects such as cars, furniture and clothes), and the disappearing consumer (creative and empowered use of the integrated network of in/tangible service elements), we could say that interaction is nowadays disappearing as well. TeapotAt the Create07 conference in London, both Peter Wright and Bill Gaver were stressing this point. 
A lot of technology is getting less interactive. It just sits there and does its thing. You don’t need to switch it on and go through the menus. This situation calls for a new way of thinking about and designing for how we might live with technology in our everyday lives.

Studio7 To get a glimpse of the excellent work Bill Gaver and his team are doing at the Interaction Research Group in Goldsmiths College, visit the exhibition The Curious Home at the Pacific Playhouse in London (from 29 June).