Four Corners of London

4cornerssouthjpgThe exhibition Four Corners presents a series of interesting multi-media portraits of 4cornerseastjpgpeople living in East, West, North and South London. The portraits are made by the local residents showing their affection for the part of London they call home as well as their pride in their cultural heritage, often from other parts of the world. For this event the National Portrait Gallery 4cornerswestjpgdeveloped partnerships with local London galleries and cultural venues to involve people from the four corners of London in a series of workshops. They worked with people of various ages, young and old. The results were also very divers: photos, audio tracks, visual collages and even animated kites. I really liked the audio tracks. They were 4cornerspowerful mixes of ambient sounds, voice overs and self-produced music. This show clearly illustrates that London is a vibrant melting pot, not just because some politician or journalist says so, but because the residents are showing it themselves.