Video Clips

Do you recognise the feeling of creating a live video clip on the fly when you go through a city or landscape with your music in your ears? Music can be a very strong guider of our perspective. When you have a certain song in your ears, let’s say Computerworld by Kraftwerk, and you watch out the window of the train you start seeing things that were not there before. Today I was travelling from Eindhoven to Amsterdam by train and Kraftwerk made me see the Dutch landscape in an even more artificial form than it already normally is.

In the Netherlands almost every nature landscape is cultivated or created from scratch. From my window I saw a new dike for a train, a grid of young trees, some poles in the ground to provide measure points, a dozen cows and three black horses nicely distributed on a fresh green meadow. Computerworld helped me see that all this is created by man, nowadays with the help of computers who show where to hit the poles in the ground, plant the trees and put the dikes.

Also the cows are all registered in a central computer. Looking out of my train window with Kraftwerk in my ears, I imagined seeing a huge pointer that took the form of Photoshop tools. Cropping, smudging, erasing, everything was possible. A huge crane was the smudge tool. Next the bucket tool would be filled with grass seeds to create a bright green on the dike. That would take a while to grow but as we all know computers are sometimes slow.

In design research one could take a song that fits a certain situation and start creating images with that song as the soundtrack. Just put your Walkman, iPod or whatever on your ears and start filming. It would certainly allow you to take a different view on something familiar and that is very useful in design research.

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