Ré Dubhthaigh

Ré Dubhthaigh

Ré Dubhthaigh is founder and director of Radarstation. Ré is responsible for maintaining excellence in client delivery, as well as taking the …

Bram Appelman

Bram is an expert in applying design research principles in the healthcare sector, he has worked with STBY on a number of projects aimed at making healthcare processes…

Anab Jain

Anab is another of STBY’s regular collaborators, having worked with the company on various projects in the past. Educated in India, Vienna and London, Anab…

Service Design

On popular request a one-page explanation on Service Design. This is a relatively new and successful approach to innovation and it is becoming increasingly popular…

Join our participant network

When we kick off a new research project, one of the first things we do is look for participants. We look for people in all shapes and forms and a variety of interests. If you are willing to share your experiences, thoughts and motivations, we invite you to join our research network and receive updates on our latest projects.

Global Design Research network

As part of the global design research network Reach we are conducting two international researches. One on how people use and think about energy, and one about how people use mobile phones to organise their social life.

Karien Stroucken

Karien Stroucken

Karien was Research Manager at STBY and is now freelancing as a project manager in London.  She has been working in the communication and digital…

Service Design Lab

During the Picnic cross-media conference in Amsterdam (24-26 september 2008) we have hosted a Service Design Lab. In a 4-hour workshop program 30 the participants worked in sub-groups on new ideas for service innovation for one of Amsterdam's local governments.

Elsevier Open Innovation

For the international academic publisher Elsevier we conducted a lead user research and organised a series of innovation workshops. The lead user research in both the UK and The Netherlands generated insights into unmet needs and potential areas for service innovation.

Inclusive Design

Also on popular request an overview of which research techniques are most suitable in each stage of the inclusive design process. This is another area that is only…

Smart Street Paper

Paper on experimental design research methods in a street in London, published by the Design Research Society and presented at their annual conference in 2008: …