Our work featured on KING site

Our project with the City of Amsterdam is featured on the national online knowledge sharing site for civil servants operated by KING. This is based on our project which looked to help the local government in Amsterdam to improve the service offering to entrepreneurs.

Since then, the local government has been putting a lot of effort into communicating and using the results. Within a few months, we are happy to be seeing the research results already successfully utilised in various departments.

One of the most popular materials that have come out of the projects is the highly visual and customised booklet that we’ve delivered – this has now become the key reference within the local government, being simply refered to by the local authorities as ‘THE booklet’ for their everyday running. One of the reasons for this is ‘The booklet’ being more than just a report – it also includes posters and audiovisual materials that illustrate issues in a very direct and personal way helping create a deeper impact.

These results and materials have been used as the foundation for further developing training for front office employees. The research has helped improve the process of recognising, solving and learning from complaints.

The municipal ombudsman (citizen advocate) has been utilising the results in order to become more accessible and known to entrepreneurs. This has also led the licensing process to be optimised.

The collected stories and insights are currently being used to help codify best practices assisting in operations efficiency for account managers within the local government.

The broad and successful deployment of the result of the project have also been picked up by KING , a quality institute for local governments in the Netherlands.
With an aim to inspire other local governments in the Netherlands, they have written an article (in dutch) summarising our project and the achieved results. The article can be found here . (Apologies for it being in dutch!)

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