Probe and Diary Studies

Well-designed, surprising and playful materials can prompt participants to report in more lively and surprising ways than during interviews or focus groups, where they only sit and talk about their experiences. Probe studies provide participants with research materials they actively use for a certain period, and that trigger the recording of experiences during this use (e.g. notes, drawings, photos or audio recordings). For probe studies close collabaration between researchers and designers is crucial. This is an excellent method to actively involve members of design teams in the early explorations of a concept development process.





Diaries offer an excellent opportunity to document activities and experiences that take place on unpredictable moments or in private circumstances. In these situations direct observation is not a feasible option. As the research participants are asked to record their activities and reflections in a diary as soon as possible after they occur, the diaries provide reliable data with minimal intrusion. To optimally engage participants in the process of diary keeping, we have found that an ongoing contact with the researcher and an appealing design of the diaries are of crucial importance.

Global Design Research

Being known as a world-class specialist in Design Research (short for ‘design-led customer research’), many of our clients have asked us to deliver this kind of research on an international…

Ethnographic Studies

By spending time and interacting with potential users of new interactive services, we learn a lot about their habits, preferences, needs and concerns. This knowledge can be crucial for the successful development of innovative concepts for interactive services.

Design Documentaries

STBY has developed a unique method to explore and communicate the elusive, inconsistent fabric of everyday life by using video and engaging in a dialogue with the participants in a research.

Scenario & Persona Development

Successful interactive services are based on scenarios that go beyond just pushing new technology. The process to develop these scenarios needs to be imaginative and well out of the ordinary…

Lead User Discovery Research

Learn from the leading edge of your customers where the most interesting opportunities to improve your service offering are. More and more companies ackowledge that the customer is becoming…

Service Experience Lab

Immerse yourself in the service experiences of your customers, identify new opportunities for innovation or discuss your service concept ideas with a sample of lead users. In a bespoke one-…

Research Synthesis and Consolidation

An increasing number of our clients already possess a wealth of disparate research data on the issues they ask us to examine. On a number of recent projects, our work has centred on uncovering,…

Quantitative Validations

Qualitative and quantitative work seldom exist in complete isolation to each other. Though as an agency we specialise in the former, our work is often used to help inform and target larger scale studies, serving as the input for quantitative surveys.

Cross sector value creation

We work for a wide range of client organisations. Spanning, and often cross-polinating, specific domains and sectors. We are specialised in bringing people into the heart of your innovation…