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Bas Raijmakers

Bas Raijmakers is creative director at STBY, and along with Geke, one of our founders. Like all of our senior design researchers, Bas has been involved with a wide range of different service design projects. He is particularly involved with much of our video work, having developed the ‘Design Documentary’  format himself in his PhD thesis. Bas is a frequent contributor to a range of academic journals (you can find many of his articles in the publications section), and has delivered keynote addresses at a number of service design conferences.

Bas has been working in the internet and media industry as a consultant and research manager since the early nineties. Together with Geke, he co-founded ACS-i media research projects in 1993. After the company grew to a 25 people enterprise, it was acquired by Lost Boys International in Amsterdam, whom Bas joined as Usability Director.

STBY arose at least in part from Bas’ fascination with how people use, understand and appreciate media in contemporary popular culture. Since the rise of public internet his focus has been on new media, ranging from hacker cultures to more mainstream uses of the internet. In his many research projects he has provided evidence that it is the people who use new media offerings, not seldom in unanticipated ways, determine the true meaning and value of it.

Bas holds an MA in Communication Sciences from the University of Amsterdam (1990) and a PhD degree in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art in London (2007). He currently splits his time between STBY’s London and Amsterdam offices.

Contact details for Bas

Email: bas @ stby.eu

Mobile UK: +44 77 87 33 41 23

Mobile NL: +31 6 55 15 77 94

Click here for a longer description of the Design Documentary format developed by Bas during his PhD

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